We provide team building workshops for many types of groups ranging from Sports teams, group outings, business outings, personal parties, bachelor parties, large or small events and opening ceremonies.


We also provide a unique combination of workshops to maximize the benefits of your team building event. These fun and specialized workshops are a great option to combine with a Haka experience. For more information click here.


The main goal of our workshops is to encourage self-confidence, to develop team spirit and to strengthen your team's performance towards accomplishing goals. We offer four types of workshops to fit all occasions.



The power experience: Looking for a fun and energetic way to open up a meeting or an upcoming event, this is the workshop for you. A short and powerful workshop that will have you warmed up and ready to tackle anything the day brings.



The introduction experience: This is a great start to experience the Haka for the first time. We will give you a shorter impressive guide to the Haka, and teach you the positive and fun influence it can have on your overall team spirit. 




The authentic experience: If you're looking for the optimal team building exercise, then this is a perfect workshop for your team. Your team will create and perform its own Haka, which will encourage teamwork, communication, and creativity at its best.  



The performance experience: Are you wanting a Haka performed at an upcoming event or wanting to impress a new client, then this is the experience for you. A powerful and passionate demonstration of the Haka will be performed to leave a lasting impression on your day.  



For more information on each workshop, prices and operating times, please feel free to reach out to us by visiting our contact page. 

Workshop Combinations


Looking for a day full of different team building exercises? Then combine your Haka experience with one of these new and exciting workshops below.



Teamwork, discipline, respect, and leadership are the key values developed in the sport of rugby. A great and fun way to experience this sport for the first time. For more information, please contact us here.



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