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Nike DTC Team


“The Authentic Haka workshop that we experienced was fantastic! Not only did Storm manage to educate us on some of the Maori traditions he managed to make the whole experience fun and engaging. From the start, Storm managed to make everyone relaxed and get involved in something which would normally take them out their comfort zones. This wasn’t the standard team building activity but everyone had a fantastic time and were talking about the workshop for a long time afterward. We can’t thank Storm enough for allowing us to share a small part of his culture while helping us build a strong culture within our team.” - Sharon Wilson

The Bikkels Crossfit MMA sports team

"We surprised our top coach with a Haka workshop. He loves the Haka and this would have been the best gift for him. We started our workshop with our Haka trainer Joe, providing a wonderful Haka performance. We loved the amount of power and respect of the Haka, that we created our own Bikkels Haka.


We already had a great connection within our group, but after the Haka experience, our team spirit and friendship has grown even more. It was a workshop we will never forget and we are planning to take another one soon." - Caroline Tries


"For our annual '3 Crazy Weeks' tradition, we had Authentic Haka, surprise us with a powerful Haka. This Haka scared our boss, who was not aware of the boys behind him (our boss even cursed). It was hilarious! Such an epic start to a Monday morning.


After this hilarious act, everyone was really motivated to participate in the energizing Haka workshop. It was so much fun and we have great footage to remember it by! We still practice the Maori traditions daily, just for laughs and to keep the team spirit high in the office. We can recommend this for everyone. AWSOME EXPERIENCE!. - Moana Jansen

Ernst & Young - Olympic Experience

"EY organized a special day at the Olympic Experience for their employees on the beach of The Hague. The Authentic Haka team gave a demonstration of the Haka and provided a Haka workshop on stage. Our employees and their families loved the Haka clinic and participated with the entire family. They really had a great experience! EY is looking back with lots of enthusiasm for this great Olympic Experience."

Red Eagles Ice Hockey team (U12 & U14)


"The kids from Red Eagles U12 & U14 were so suprised after they saw Storm performing the Haka. Both teams got excited straight away to learn the traditional Haka and to create their own Haka with their teams. The players have now decided to use their Hakas as a warm up for their games, very cool!


The workshop contained a lot of respect, energy, power, expression and decisiveness. In short: real teambuilding experience! We enjoyed the enthusiasm with which Storm brang to the workshop. Within no time he caught the kids' attention and knew to movitvate them in a spontanious way. We can truely recommend this experience." - Gaby Van Haal - U14 Coach

Dweilband MISSkend Telent


"Storm gave us an amazing workshop during our Christmas drinks with friends. Our evening could not get any better! So much laughter, so much interaction. A true team building event everyone still talks about. We were really surprised at the beginning, but soon everyone was dedicated to give everything we had in us.


It is incredible how much positive energy is being unleashed with everyone! The final Haka given by Storm was the only moment during the workshop everyone turned silent. We could feel him thanking us from the bottom of his heart, in such a way us Dutchies don't know. Storm, you're a hero! Thank you so much for the awesome workshop!" - Danielle Schenk

CiEP - Training & Coaching


"You don't have to travel all the way to New Zealand anymore to learn the the Haka and feel like a mighty All Black. Thanks to Storm Carroll, a rugby player from New Zealand who lives in the Netherlands and even plays for the Dutch National Team, the Authentic Haka Experience is coming to you.

I had the joy of participating in one of Storm's workshops and I can tell you: it's great and it's good fun. He not only demonstrates his own Haka skills and teaches the participants the steps, moves, facial expressions and words; he also explains the origins and meaning of them. A Haka experience is an efficient and fun way to make people come out of their comfort zone as team building activity. And make sure: people means both men and women, because the ladies can perform one heck of a Haka!" - Wouter De Waard

AO Nederland

''During the break of our course, we suddenly heard a loud call from the bushes. 3 warriors appeared out of the bush to surprise us with an impressive Haka. Beautiful to see! After that it was our turn. We learned the basics of the Haka (which sometimes led to hilarious moments) and eventually the group got split in two, to add our own elements to the Haka. This is really fun, as you realize every movement was meaningful and personal to us. It was a real fun activity to do with each other as colleagues!

Arla Foods B.V.


''My colleagues and I are really enthusiastic about Authentic Haka Experience. Storm and Mau performed really well and we’ve got energized even before the workshop started. Smiling faces and a big funfactor. We stepped out of our comfort zones, but the most important part: everybody can join! The intensity of the Haka and working together towards the goal is great for teambuilding. I can truly recommend this experience.'' - Harry Veldman

Olympic Moves


"On April the 19th Olympic Moves Invited Storm to give a masterclass (5 minutes) Haka training. We wanted to make one big explosion of enthusiasm. The 5 minutes were amazing, the children got motivated and did great with the preview. Because of the sound that the boys made the children were very interested. Exactly what we expected and hoped for. We can say it was a big success! The boys are very professional, nice, social and very enthusiastic. We are proud of the results. We can say the boys did this job perfectly. We will definitely recommend the haka experience for other events. Storm thank you very much for your presence! You both helped the event to be successful.'' - Organizers of Olympic Moves, Dordrecht

EMC Computer Systems

"The Haka was really great! It was so much fun! The boys have done very well! First they did the Haka. The whole audience was surprised, which was fun! After they helped us understand the meaning of the Haka and the culture, and then they taught us the Haka. Everyone was excited and tried very hard to learn. So it was a fantastic start to the day. '' - Merel van Wijk

RIVM - Committed to Health and Sustainability


''What a great Haka experience we had with our team. So much fun, and after a while when we were comfortable in our 'out-of-the-comfort-zone', it gave so much power to our team. We will incorporate the Haka in our work for sure! Thank you Storm for the super energetic start, we hope to meet again!'' - Dorine Heijnert

Centric Software Solutions


“During our international Sales Event in April 2016, the Authentic Haka team started with a surprise act on stage. After this hilarious act, everyone was really motivated to participate in the energizing Haka Experience workshop. It was great to see how nearly 200 people were performing the Haka basics with so much pleasure. Storm and his team did really well. Friendly, energetic and fun!" Yvonne Vossen - Centric


50th Birthday Party - Rotterdam


"In honor of our friends, 50th birthday. I organized a surprise Haka workshop with seven of our closest friends. Storm was our teacher and he started performing a powerful Haka, which we were very impressed with. Then it was our turn to learn the Haka. There was so much laughter, fun, and interaction. We created our own Haka in 2 different groups. At the end, we challenged each other with our own Haka. We had a great afternoon and experience! We highly recommend this experience." - Orsine Daan

Teijin Aramid

"I want to thank you for two great mornings on The SS Rotterdam. We had a big group with a lot of nationalities, but despite the possible differences there was one team standing on top. We were surprised with an impressive welcome Haka and after 15 minutes we had the whole group performing the Haka together with a lot of passion.

Our second morning was full of interaction and creativity. We created our own Haka, which was brilliant,  great to see their passion and smiley faces. We will definitely come back to you again." - Myra Pot

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